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Description:Saint Joe's grads in public and private accounting.
Description:Description: Saint Joe's grads in the legal profession.
Elected Officials  Private Community - Requires membership to access.
Description:Alumni who have been elected to Public Office
Description:Saint Joe's grads in the engineering profession.
Fire Service  Private Community - Requires membership to access.
Description:Open to those alumni who are in the fire service, as either firefighters, paramedics, emt, or fire police
HealthCare Professionals  Private Community - Requires membership to access.
Description:A group designed to cover those professionals in all aspect of healthcare from portal of entry (DC, MD, etc) to ancillary specialties (PT, OT, Xray, etc)
INSURANCE  Private Community - Requires membership to access.
Law Enforcement Professionals  Private Community - Requires membership to access.
Description:Area were Saint Joe's Alumni in the Law Enforcement field can gather to share experiences, ideas and information. Due to the nature of our job, password protected would be ideal.
Description:Saint Joe's grads in the marketing industry - encompassing marketing, advertising and public relations.

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