Class Chairs are alumni who actively support and provide oversight for activities sponsored by the Alumni/Public Relations and Institutional Advancement Offices.  Through communications with classmates designed to gain their interest, concern, commitment and participation, the alumni events/programs and the advancement/fundraising efforts will be significantly enhanced to support the overall growth of Saint Joseph High School.

Class Chairs will:

  • Educate alumni on the goals and objectives of the alumni program
  • Encourage classmates to actively participate in events designed to enhance the alumni efforts at St. Joe's
  • Recruit classmates to volunteer for alumni events/programs, Phon-A-Thons and the Golf Classic
  • Assess and evaluate classmate reaction to alumni events/programs
  • Recommend strategies to enhance participation of classmates
  • Commit to attend meetings, when required, to further the alumni and advancement programs

The Alumni listed below have already committed to the program. If you are interested in serving as a Class Chair, or forming a small committee of classmates to represent your class, please contact Brian McGonigle, Alumni Relations, at (732) 549-7600, ext. 227, or



 1966 Richard Burke, Bill Ryan, Wes Catri, Bill Bartolone

 1988 Jeff Jotz

 1967 Tom Herits

 1989 Mike Chadwick


 1990 Kevin McCarron

 1969 Neil Donohue

 1991John Reilly

 1970 Joe Crea

 1992 Paul Danner, Robert Swierk

 1971 Frank LaCava & Bill Tollis

 1993 Sean Sanford, Kevin Conniff

 1972 John Kuhn

 1994 Brian Lucas, Mike Scotillo, Scott Hunter


 1995 Mike Donovan, David Checchio, Alex D'Jamoos

 1974 Joe DeAndrea

 1996 Dave Caracta, Vincent Fucci, EJ Stankiewicz

 1975 Jonathan Dunn

 1997 Mike Hanley, Greg Kane

 1976 , Mike Gilligan, Mike Kelly, Pat Morris, Rich Steinbach

 1998 Nick Romanak, Bob Mateicka, Eric Rosenberger

 1977 Glen Garlatti

 1999 Bernie Burns, Brian Wilson, Nick Cerulo

 1978 Kevin Hussey

 2000 Dariusz Jamiolkowski, Dan McGill

 1979 Doug Smith, Doug Murray

 2001 Mike Fernandez, Dave Sica

 1980 Mark Francois

 2002 Marc Cangemi, Greg DiLalo, Norman Graham, Rob Yunker

 1981 Tom Sharlow

 2003 Tom Langowski, Dan Jago, Nick LaCava

 1982 Jerry Heneghan

 2004 Mike Quigley, Eric Swenson,
           Adam Brozek

 1983 Gerry Messina

 2005 Tim Acevedo, Bryan Wagner,
           Jude Wierzbicki

 1984 Steven Koch

 2006 Kyle Encinas, TJ Heaney

 1985 Brad Clancy, Tom O'Donnell  2007 Tom McLaughlin
 1986 Ed Newman  2008 Stanley Stellakis

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