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Saint Joe's Top 50 Results

The Saint Joe's Top 50: Moments, Memories & Achievements

Throughout the last year, Saint Joe's Alumni have made their suggestions for the best moments, memories, and achievements from the school's first 50 years; and subsequently cast their votes for their own top 5.  The votes have been tallied and the results are in. The following are what you have selected to be the Saint Joe's Top 50: Moments, Memories & Achievements.  Thank you to all who voted.

50. The very first athletic team event - Freshman Cross Country, in the fall of 1961 under Coach Br. Richard in Warinanco Park in Elizabeth.

49. The undefeated Swimming Season of 1997 - the second undefeated season in Swim Team history.

48. Jimmy Weir '66 being the first Saint Joseph athlete to break a boy's school state record (in the track & field half mile).

47. Vince Reilly '77 winning the first National Freshman Decathlon in 1974.

46. The Swim Team achieves Number 5 national ranking in 1987.

45. Senior Calculus.

44. The 1978 State Soccer Championship at Giants Stadium.

42. When Saint Joe's took on Perth Amboy in the Middlesex County Basketball Finals in 1967.

42. Ed Potter '98 setting the track record in the 400 meters with 47.8 seconds.

41. Disciplinary measures, such as the paddling of students in the principal's office.

40. The painting of the Saint Joseph mural between the gym (now library) and the cafeteria in 1963.

39. The 1971 - 1972 Cross Country and Track & Field Teams.  They won all 5 county championships that year, along with the Indoor State Relays, and tied for the Outdoor State Champion Title.  Nine members of that senior class went on to run at Division I colleges.

38. The basketball accomplishments of Frank Fitzgerald '67, who was the school's first All County Basketball Player in 1967, set a school record with 38 points in one game, and became the first 1,000 point scorer in school history.

37. The Lacrosse State Championship in 2010 and reaching the Tournament of Champions Final.

36. Br. Bernardine's 10-minute Baltimore Catechism lessons in Latin Class.

34. Practical jokes and pranks, like when some jokers placed a Volkswagen on the porch of the Brothers' house overnight.

34. Between 1965 and 1969 when St. Joe's won 18 of 20 possible Track or Cross Country championships.

33. Saint Joe's defeating CBA in the 2010 State Basketball Tournament.

31. When Vanilla Fudge played a concert at St. Joe's on October 25, 1968 - the first time a band on the Top 50 Pop Music charts played at the school.

31. Inscape Retreats and Social Action projects.

30. The Cross Country Team's 14-year consecutive county title streak.

29. Mass in the gym.

28. The lay teachers' "strike" in 1976-1977.

27. Basketball games vs. CBA in the old gym during the Jay Williams' '99 years.

26. The opening of the expanded St. Joe's building in 2003, with the new gym, media center, and science labs.

25. The first Hand in Hand in Metuchen.

23. Jeremy Campbell's '95 javelin-in-the-neck incident (in '92-'93) and Al Ernst's first response actions as exemplary behavior of a teacher.

23. The first class graduating in 1965.

22. The 1997-1998 Basketball Team being ranked in the Top 10 in the nation, according to USA Today standings.

21. In the fall of 2002, when Mr. Anderson '70 gave the famous "St. Joe's Way" speech to the school after the first Mass of the year.  The phrase has been around ever since.

20. Freshman Cup

19. The systematic wave of "Hey!" when someone dropped a chair off the table at lunch.

17. The 2008 Volleyball Team winning 43 consecutive games, finishing 43-1, and winning the State Title. They had the most wins in a season by any high school sports team in New Jersey history.

17. The Falcon Flock

16. The first Saint Joe's football game in September, 2009.

15. The influence of Dave Bixel '66.

14. John Sabine's '79 artwork, particularly his rendering of faculty as "Lord of the Rings" characters.

13. The Swim Team's consecutive county championship streak.

12. Andrew Bynum '05 being drafted right out of Saint Joe's.

11. The first day of school freshman year.

10. The opening of the school in 1961.

09. Br. John directing freshmen and new students around the seal in the early weeks of school.

08. Br. Bernardine's sayings, such as "Bear Bryant did not die of heart failure, but was killed when walking across the water and was hit by a speedboat," resulting in no homework for a week.

07. Br. Regis' "Learn How To Learn" approach to education and his "Write-On" manual.

06. The Swim Team's Decade of Dominance in the '80s and consecutive State Championship streak starting in 1979.

05. Bruce Springsteen performing at a St. Joe's dance on March 3, 1972.

03. Dances in the gym.

03. The influence of Mr. Platko.

02. The influence of "Pops" Ryan.

01. Br. Mike Yerkes' history classes.

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